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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
I've lost 160+ pounds since my last post. The secret pill is exercising hard for at least an hour a day.

Friday, September 13, 2002

I'm playing softball today.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Monday, September 09, 2002
THE GENERAL ADVICE for starting an exercise program can pretty much be summarized as see a doctor, start slow and incrementally increase activity level.

Rowing, climbing stairs, and calisthenics like pushups, are strength training exercises. Many strength-training exercises employ dumbbells and weights to help work your muscles. As with all new exercises, begin slowly. The exercises are repeated over time until they become comfortable. When you are ready, you can intensify your workout by first adding sets of repetitions and light weights and later by graduating to heavier weights.

After reading this, I got down and did 3 pushups (huffing and puffing). I think I'm going to need knee pads, because it hurt my knees to get down them. ouchie.

I walked up the stairs this morning instead of riding the high speed elevator, like every one says, take advantage of those everyday moments to make your heart beat faster and to breath in large gulping gasps.

Talking about elevators, if you want to scare a lot of people, be a very large guy that decides to suddenly jump up and touch the roof of the elevator while it's moving. The one time I tried it, a women actually screamed, while I just smiled like a madman because I slapped the roof with the palm of my hand. I felt a little bad about it and said I was sorry as the terrified women left the elevator on her floor.

them: I think one of the reasons I don't have many friends is that I have trouble finding people that don't break my rules.

me: What are your rules?

them: Mostly, I can't stand liars.

me: Have you known a lot of liars?

them: Yes.

Imagine living in a world where almost everyone is a liar.

Peace to you all, may your days be filled with random acts of kindness and beauty, and mostly importantly forgiveness.

Sunday, September 08, 2002
Seeking peace in all the wrong places.


moxie praying to the most american holy symbol

the golden arches, sign of the the clown cult

followers are recruited at a very young age

a special beef flavored french fry recipe keeps them hooked

even until the age of 108

heart disease

big mac attack



with Hot Mustard Sauce

the special sauce is not 1,000 islands

no surgeon general warnings

everyone knows the quater pounder is royality in europe

go tell moxie to keep laughing next week

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Lunch: A lot of water. I was stuck someplace that only had BBQ meats and potato chips. I just kept drinking water and pretending like I wasn't hungry.

Dinner: Three quarters of a chicken taco salad (no sour cream, extra tomatoes) and half a very large Margarita.

A wonderful dinner with Beautiful and Smart. I began to believe in angels again when I first saw her tonight, my heart skipped a beat. We had a lot of fun tonight. There was no angst after it was over except that I didn't want it to end. Nice hugs, nice smooches, next time I'm going to go for the bacio un po'prolungato (slightly lingering kiss).

I woke up way too early for a Saturday and was moving around all day so I feel a little more exhausted tonight than usual. I'm really enjoying the extra energy that seems to be a result of this new diet and possibly my postive thoughts. I've even gotten another response to the personal ad. That's three total. One that's turned into a serious pen pal and phone relationship. This new response also sounds like a really interesting person. It's occured to me that maybe having a positive outlook opens up a lot of options which I had considered completely closed not so long ago. The trick is going to be trying to figure out how to keep it all rolling without falling down so hard I break both my legs.

Are you wondering what happened last night? All I know is that I was happy when I went to sleep and still happy when I got up 4 hours later and there wasn't a single lap dance involved. I don't want to be a total downer, but when I get happy I start to think about doing really terrible things. It's like happiness releases all the pressure for me to keep up my discipline and stay on the straight and narrow. It happened last night, I was so happy, but on the way home I keep thinking about stopping for a late night Tacobell combo. It was practically overwhelming. I don't understand, it's like the happiness is a direct result of not going to Tacobell. I drove past two of them, but I can't express how hard it was to not stop. I might as well drive an ice dagger into my gut and jump in a volcano if my head is going to keep screwing with me everytime I feel a little bit happy.

Anyway, you should just go read tony's blog, because he just remembered he has a great life and he's got a message for mike from elvis.

I was the clown
And she was the dancer
We both knew it wouldn't work
But we took our chances
What I can't recall
Is if there was a girl at all
Or was it my imagination?
I still remember
All of those faces
And now all I have is memories.

Friday, September 06, 2002

By: Johnny Cash

In your mind, In your mind
one foot on Jacob's ladder and one foot in the fire
and it all goes down in your mind
Livin' at the bottom of the stairs of life
never a smile knockin' on your door
the air is blue and so are you
prehistoric monsters on the floor
Last verse of your last song
and God don't hear dead men
the end of the line is in your mind
then you'll be stayin' in

In your mind In your mind
Bone for bone and skin for skin
eye for eye and tooth for tooth
heart for heart and soul for soul
somebody said "What is truth"?

Lock it up and close it down
the sound of mournin' like a dove
high beyond the rattlin' roar
lookin' to the face of love

In your mind In your mind
it all goes down in your mind
one foot on Jacob's ladder and one foot in the fire
and it all goes down in your mind

In your mind In your mind
Sunday words are back again
and you eat your fundamentalist pie
but just a piece you understand
you get the rest up in the sky

Praise and glory, wounded angels
shufflin' 'round the room
eternity is down the hall
and you sit there bendin' spoons
In your mind In your mind
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
sacrificial drops of pain
on a silver plated cross
sanctification on a chain

Thay say redemption draweth nigh
the storms of silence from above
stop your ears and close your eyes
and try to find the face of love


IT'S NOT REALLY NEWS to anyone that is already fat, but for all the skinny readers who haven't been to the gym this week, here's an excerpt of the Institute of Medicine's recommendations as reported by the NY Times.

Dr. Lupton emphasized that calculations of a person's caloric needs must take into account activity levels. The panel advised that adults and children spend at least one hour a day doing moderately intense physical activities, like brisk walking, swimming or cycling.

The previous recommendation for the minimum amount of physical activity, established in 1996 in a report from the United States surgeon general, was at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days.

Dr. Lupton said the increased amount of exercise recommended was based on biochemical measurements of how much exercise healthy people engage in each day, instead of on reports from the people themselves, which can result in inaccurate estimate. She said the group was surprised to find out how much exercise healthy people actually did.

Apparently the problem with the health of Americans who are surrounded by abundance isn't the lack of the correct vitamins, but consumption of calories without sufficient activity. Just what I needed to make sure I get my 3.5 hours this week.

It's amazing to me the completely bogus nutritional and exercise tips I get from people who have never had a weight problem.


It's Friday and all I can think about this morning is kissing.

I need to think about going for a long walk. Exercise is still eluding me by virtue of me being lazy. So, as of today, I'm setting a commitment of doing a 30 minute walk everyday for a week, by next Friday that will be at least 3.5 hours of exercise. I'll then start keeping a running total of the hours spent sweating. I've written it down, so if it doesn't happen you all have premission to leave nasty comments.

Here's the thing about blogs that I have noticed. It's better to record what has happened than what is going to happen. This makes that last paragraph just wrong. It would be much better for the blog to wait until next Friday to post that I've had X hours of exercise. Half the time I use the blog as a sort of personal journal and could care less what the people reading it think, and the other times I feel a desire to make it fun and amusing so people will like me. Maybe I should just write about sex.

There are suddenly women in my life and that scares me. How did this happen? I'm not complaining, I'm just worried it's some sort of weird sun spot radition that's causing it and sun spots can wink out at any time. News at 11:00, physicist report the unusually high sun spot activity has suddenly stopped and now all their fat friends are dateless again.

Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad and diet pepsi.

Dinner: Six pieces of sushi and some miso soup. A bit of a binge, but at least it wasn't an ultimate cheeseburger. There should be a rule that lowers the number of calories for any meal that is consumed in the presence of 2 or more friends.

Mcdonalds: Supersize

Jackinthebox: Jumbosize

Wendys: Biggysize

Tacobell: ...and two crunchy tacos.